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My Pocket Lawyer was designed with one goal in mind: to simplify your complex contracts, legal documents, and terms of service. Our new AI contract reader summarizes, analyzes, and explains legal documents in seconds.
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Attach and upload a contract – it might be a lease, a vendor agreement, or an NDA – and let My Pocket Lawyer get to work.
My Pocket Lawyer is built using natural language processing to quickly summarize and identify the key points in your contract. It also identifies potential issues and provides recommendations.
Feel secure about the contract or service terms you’re about to sign. Use your newfound understanding to sign with confidence and get back to the things you love doing.
Simplify Complex Documents in Seconds
Why People Love My Pocket Lawyer
"Easy to Use"
"It took seconds to upload my contract and begin chatting with My Pocket Lawyer. The detailed analysis comes a few seconds later, and tells you everything you need to know about your document. My Pocket Lawyer also gave me a really convenient list of questions to ask about the document, which helped me a lot."
Andrew T.
Small Business Owner
"My Pocket Lawyer doesn’t store my contract information or any of my data. I feel like My Pocket Lawyer is really on my side and that I can trust them."
Jose D.
Food Truck Owner
"I didn’t know what questions I wanted answered, but I know I needed to understand my contract before I signed it. My Pocket Lawyer gave me a simple analysis and a convenient list of questions to ask about my contract! It showed me what I needed to know."
Robin T.
Web Design Freelancer
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